What is the LPM Project?

The LPM Project is an initiative that aims to do two things:

  1. Design products that can only be made from large quantities of plastic waste.

  2. Enable local communities to gain control over their plastic waste.

The first step toward the end goal for the LPM Project will be to implement our Local Plastic Micro-factories into government departments and local businesses, big and small. This will develop a solid foundation for the project's development and at the same time benefit local communities by reducing plastic waste.

The main target for the LPM project will be to implement these

micro-factories into villages, specifically within the Asia Pacific region. Plastic waste has become a huge problem in this region due to the unavailable collection infrastructure and resources in some of these countries. This will stop plastic from entering the local environment and oceans making it harder to collect while also providing these communities with a chance to develop and evolve the infrastructure within their villages.

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What is the issue and how are we solving it?

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The biggest issue with recycling today is that so much of the plastic waste we collect to be recycled doesn’t end up back in products that we will use. It will get sent away to recycling companies which will sort out all of the high-value plastics and then send the rest away to landfills. This is because the plastics industry can only reuse specific types of plastics that have been sorted and cleaned of any contaminants.

What makes the LPM project different is that we are looking at plastic waste as a material and designing specific products for that material, not trying to push the waste into existing products. The types of products that we aim to design and develop are ones that replace wood, steel, and concrete parts because they will enable the use of high volumes of plastic waste. One of the biggest benefits of using this material is that if the part is damaged or meets the end of its life it can be reprocessed back into the base material and more parts can be made with ease and no wastage. 

How is the LPM Project different to other recycling companies?

The LPM Project is not a recycling company and we are not trying to be. Our role is to complement the collection organisations and become the last step in recycling plastic waste, by providing technical knowledge and designing products that will use plastic waste in the most effective way.

Current recycling programs have a heavy reliance on bins and trucks, collecting waste and moving it.  In the Asia Pacific region transport is often poor and moving low-value plastic waste is simply not going to happen. How we hope to solve this part of the problem is by making plastic waste manufacturing viable locally, 

We believe that done properly we will create a demand for plastic waste, which will open a whole new sustainable market in the plastic collection industry.