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The Design Centre of the Philippines

In the last week of January, the LPM project presented to the Design Centre of the Philippines (DCP) about our mission and goals within the Asia Pacific region. This was the first step in potentially working with DCP to tackle the plastic waste problem in the Philippines which has been a significant issue for years. We gave some examples of specific areas of the Philippines where we believe our machine could potentially have the most impact on the problem. Ideally, we would like to operate in a small village, around 1000-5000 people, that is remote and does not have any significant infrastructure to accommodate large-scale recycling and/or waste management. Our Local Plastic Microfactory will then be installed in the area to enable the village to turn their plastic waste into products.

This is where DCP will come in, ideally, we want the products to be designed by locals for locals. This will give the villages and the communities a chance to develop the products that they need. The LPM Project will stay on as technical support for these products and will handle the installation and training of the machine on the site.

We are very excited to be involved with the DCP and hope that this will lead to the LPM project being able to help reduce the amount of plastic waste the Philippines produces while providing remote communities with the ability to manufacture products that they need.


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