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Geoff Germon

Geoff is the CEO and founder of Talon Technology (The parent company of the LPM Project) and has been an Adjunct Professor in Design at The University of Canberra since 2016. He has 30 years of experience as an innovator and designer, working on a range of products mainly revolving around advanced composites. With 25 years of experience in setting up factories in Asia, he has seen first-hand the effect that plastic has had on the Asia Pacific region and this has been a driving force to initiate the LPM Project. Geoff is proud to say he is a brutal realist when it comes to the challenges around plastic pollution and believes that this sort of thinking is required to develop a long-lasting solution.


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Sam Melrose

Sam has been a Technical Designer at Talon Technology since the start of 2020 after graduating from The University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Industrial Design. Sam took on being the Lead Project Manager on the LPM project soon after he started at Talon and is responsible for product development, process development, concept generation, website design and marketing. Sam is a passionate believer in the need to solve the problems surrounding plastic pollution which stems from his love for the ocean. Sam has been a keen SCUBA diver since an early age and over the years has seen the massive negative impact that plastic pollution has on our oceans. Because of this, Sam is keen to see the LPM Project live up to its potential and make a positive change in our world.


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