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LPM Bucket

We are really keen to bring in some more publicity to the LPM project so that we can really make a difference in how we use plastic waste globally. But in order to do that, we have to start small. This LPM Bucket is going to be the first product that we have made that will be in public view and will be on show at the Industrial Espresso Bar in Brookvale. Our hope is it shows off the capabilities of this technology and to push ourselves out into the public's view.

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LPM Frisbee

To show off the manufacturing possibilities of this recycled LPDE fibre sheet we dyed the fibre before infusing it with the plastic and then moulded the sheet into a frisbee. Organising the recycled plastic before manufacturing it into a sheet allowed us to make the top layer of the frisbee clear and add-in the number 4 LDPE symbol on top. 


LPM Storage Box

This is a storage box that we have made using the Flax sheet. It was done in order to see how easy the flax material was to mould and worked out well. We also dyed the flax to see what it would look like with a bit of colour.

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Recycled LDPE Sheet

To increase the use of recycled plastic in our parts we manufactured a sheet out of recycled LDPE bags. We will be using this sheeting as the plastic component in our Flax sheets and increase the sustainability and utilisation of recycled plastic in our products



The LPM Rod is made up of a core of all different types of 100% recycled plastic and has an outer layer made of our Flax sheet as shown below. 

It is incredibly rigid and solid with promising amount of strength to it.


The Flax Sheet

In an attempt to increase the sustainability of our products we wanted to replace the outer layer of fibreglass with something else that could be more eco-friendly. We used Flax as our organic fibre due to its natural strength and seal it in layers of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This proved to work great and made the fibre weatherproof and incredibly sturdy.  


LPM Panel

This LPM panel is made up of all different types of 100% recycled plastic and a fibreglass polymer. The fibreglass polymer is just the outer layer of the panel and it provides an amazing amount of strength to the part. The plastic core moulded well but the panel did have an inconsistent thickness to it but still proved to have some potential applications.